How to Stay Proactive

Know the Warning Signs and Stay in Control

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Proactive people rarely feel overwhelmed. Yet, they receive the same amount of emails and work as everyone else. How is this possible?

Checking Emails All the Time?

It’s fun to play whack-a-mole with emails all day. It makes you feel busy and useful. Yet most of us aren’t paid to live in our inbox. We have real work to do.

Lost Control of Your Calendar?

Meetings are a great way to pass time when you’re in reactive mode. You can easily spend six hours a day in pointless meetings. That leaves only a couple of hours to fill with mindless email. Following this recipe, reactive employees can spend their career getting very little done.

Reflection is Key

Despite your best intentions, you will flit between being proactive and reactive. Nobody is going to spot this for you, so make sure you regularly pause to reflect on your behaviours.



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